Cancelled/Ended TV Shows:

This freshman sitcom completed its 16 episode run before being cancelled.

12 Monkeys (Syfy)
Ahead of the season three premiere, it was announced in season four would be the end of this cable TV show.

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)
The exploits of Finn and his best friend Jake wrap up with season 10.

Alex, Inc. (ABC)
Starring Zach Braff, this comedy series was cancelled before it completed its first season of 10 episodes.

The Americans (FX)
It was announced in 2016 that this drama — which is set in the early 1980s, during the Cold War — would end after six seasons.

Ash Vs Evil Dead (Starz)
This comedy horror series lasted for three seasons and 30 episodes before being dropped by the cable channel.

Being Mary Jane (BET)
It was announced that the series would end with a two-hour finale.

Bellevue (WGN America)
A Canadian crime drama series, this show had already been cancelled before it debuted in the United States.

Beyond (Freeform)
A low-rated drama series about a young man who wakes up from a coma with supernatural powers, this series was dropped after two seasons.

The Brave (NBC)
The peacock network decided to drop this military drama after one season of 13 episodes.

Chance (Hulu)
After two seasons, Hulu decided that this Hugh Laurie would not continue to see a third season.

Chelsea (Netflix)
Host Chelsea Handler announced in October 2017 that she had decided to end her comedy talk show after two seasons.

Clarence (Cartoon Network)
In April of 2017, voice actor Spencer Rothbell confirmed that there would just be three seasons of this animated TV show.

The Cops (TBS)
The cable channel suspended production on this animated series following sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K. The series was later scrapped entirely.

The Crossing (ABC)
A sci-fi thriller series, this Monday night drama struggled in the ratings and was cancelled.

Damnation (USA Network)
This 1930s period drama about the American heartland was cancelled by the cable channel after one season of 10 episodes.

Deception (ABC)
A crime drama about an illusionist who helps the FBI, this show was cancelled after one season.

Designated Survivor (ABC)
Kiefer Sutherland serves two years as POTUS before his TV show was cancelled.

Dice (Showtime)
Revolving around a fictionalized version of the life of comedian Andrew Dice Clay, this low-rated cable series ran for two seasons and 13 total episodes before being cancelled.

Disjointed (Netflix)
This Kathy Bates comedy series ran for one season of 20 episodes. Netflix wasn’t craving more of this pot comedy.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBC America)
Based on the Douglas Adams books, this sci-fi detective series was cancelled after two seasons and 18 episodes.

Everything Sucks! (Netflix)
A dramedy revolving around students at Boring High School in Oregon, this TV show was dropped after 10 episodes.

The Exorcist (FOX)
This horror series was miracoulsly renewed for a second season but there won’t be a third.

The Expanse (SyFy)
The current third season of The Expanse will be the space drama’s last one on Syfy.

The Fosters (Freeform)
The cable channel announced that the series would end with a three-part finale in Summer 2018.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Bravo)
The cable channel renewed this comedy series for three seasons and, a few months later, announced that season five would be the final season.

Graves (EPIX)
A political comedy series, this TV show was cancelled after two seasons of 10 episodes apiece.

Great News (NBC)
This comedy series, about the production of a fictional TV series, has been cancelled after two low-rated series.

The Halcyon (Ovation)
A period drama, this British drama was cancelled in the UK prior to debuting on cable in the United States.

Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)
A drama about the personal computer revolution in the 1980s, this TV show was renewed for a fourth and final season in October 2016.

Hap and Leonard (Sundance TV)
The AMC Networks-owned cabler has canceled prized anthology Hap and Leonard after three seasons.

Haters Back Off (Netflix)
Based on Colleen Ballinger’s “Miranda Sings” character from YouTube, this comedy series lasted for 16 episodes before being cancelled. Haters.

Here and Now (HBO)
A comedy-drama created by Six Feet Under’s Alan Ball, this series about modern life in America was dropped after 10 episodes.

House of Cards (Netflix)
Following sexual assault allegations against star Kevin Spacey, it was announced that season six would be the end of the series. Production was soon suspended and Spacey was later fired.

Howards End (Starz)
Starring Hayley Atwell, this mini-series ran for four episodes during the month of April in 2018.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC)
This beloved Jason Ritter series drew a small audience so it was cancelled after 16 episodes.

Kevin Can Wait (CBS)
This sitcom was reworked for season two, in hopes of improving the ratings. The numbers went down and so, the network cancelled it.

The Last Man on Earth (FOX)
It looks like we’ve seen the last of Phil Miller (Will Forte) and company. This comedy was cancelled after four seasons and 67 episodes.

The Last Post (Amazon)
Set during the social and political unrest of the mid-sixties, this series was cancelled when BBC decided not to order a second season.

The Librarians (TNT)
The adventure series was shelved after four seasons so there won’t be a fifth year.

Life Sentence (The CW)
Starring Lucy Hale, this comedy-drama series revolves around a young woman who discovers that her terminal cancer has been cured. It lasted for 13 episodes.

Living Biblically (CBS)
The network pulled and cancelled this Monday night comedy after eight episodes had aired.

The Looming Tower (Hulu)
This mini-series ran for 10 episodes, from February until April 2018.

Lucifer (FOX)
After three seasons, Lucifer Morningstar has been sent packing.

Major Crimes (TNT)
The cable channel decided to end their highest-rated scripted series after six seasons.

Marvel’s Deadpool (FXX)
The cable channel ordered this animated series in May 2017 but cancelled their plans in March 2018 due to creative differences with showrunners and executive producers Donald and Stephen Glover.

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)
This Friday night series drew dismal reviews and ratings. It was cancelled.

The Mayor (ABC)
The alphabet network pulled this low-rated sitcom before the first season finished airing.

Me, Myself & I (CBS)
The network pulled this Monday night sitcom after six episodes, essentially cancelling this low-rated TV show.

The Mick (FOX)
The ratings weren’t very good in season one and they got much worse in season two. The network has decided there won’t be a season three.

The Middle (ABC)
In August 2017, the network announced that season nine would be the end of the road for the Heck family of Orson, Indiana.

The Mindy Project (Hulu)
FOX cancelled this Mindy Kaling comedy after three seasons but Hulu picked it up and kept it going for three more rounds. In March 2017, Kaling announced season six is the end.

Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)
The song has ended. After four seasons, this dramedy about professional musicians in New York was cancelled.

Nashville (CMT)
In November 2017, the cable channel announced that season six would the music drama’s final run.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)
The network moved the fantasy series to Friday nights while the creative team attempted to revitalize the series with new characters. The ratings were too low so season seven is the end.

The Originals (The CW)
It was announced that this drama series, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, ends with season five.

The Path (Hulu)
Revolving around members of the fictional Meyerism religion, this streaming series was cancelled after three seasons and 36 episodes.

Portlandia (IFC)
Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, this sketch comedy series comes to a close with its eighth season.

Quantico (ABC)
Starring Priyanka Chopra, this drama thriller series was cancelled after three low-rated seasons.

Rise (NBC)
Revolving around a high school theater program, this show struggled in the ratings and was cancelled after one season.

Scandal (ABC)
The alphabet network announced, in May 2017, that season seven would bring this Shonda Rhimes drama to a close.

Scorpion (CBS)
Based on the life of computer expert Walter O’Brien, this TV drama was cancelled after four seasons and 93 episodes.

Shades of Blue (NBC)
The peacock network announced that season three would be the end for this Jennifer Lopez cop drama.

The Shannara Chronicles (Spike TV/ Paramount Network )
After a low-rated season on MTV, this drama series was moved to Spike TV and the numbers fell much lower. The show was cancelled after two seasons but producers hoped to find a new home for season three.

Shoot the Messenger (WGN America)
A Canadian drama, WGNA picked up the series for a 2018 run but it had already been cancelled north of the border.

Shut Eye (Hulu)
Failed magician Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan) ends up having real visions in this streaming series. Do you think he saw this cancellation coming?

Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD)
The Star Wars universe will continue in other ways but this show ends with season four.

Superior Donuts (CBS)
Starring Judd Hirsch and Jermaine Fowler, this Monday night sitcom was dropped after two seasons.

Taken (NBC)
This low-rated series was pulled from the Friday night schedule and sent to Saturdays to finish its run.

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)
Word was that this “limited series” could have a second season if it did well enough in the ratings. The numbers were poor so it ends with one season of eight episodes.

Trollhunters (Netflix)
The streaming service revealed that season three of the animated series would be the end for the series.

Valor (The CW)
One of a few military dramas that debuted during the 2017-18 seaosn, this show was cancelled after one season and 13 episodes.

Vice Principals (HBO)
In July 2016, it was revealed that all 18 episodes (to be rolled out over two seasons) had been completed and there wouldn’t be any more.

White Famous (Showtime)
This low-rated comedy series was cancelled after one season of 10 episodes.

Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS)
The network opted not to order any further episodes beyond the initial 13 installments, essentially cancelling the series. Low ratings and sexual assault allegations against star Jeremy Piven likely killed the Sunday night drama.

Young & Hungry (Freeform)
Series star Emily Osment revealed that the remaining 10 episodes of season five are the “final episodes“.

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36 Responses

  1. TusharKN says:

    I think Lucifer deserves one more season at least, but I guess show never gathered much audience.

  2. esmamo says:

    NO .. not The Expanse 🙁

  3. RJ Neel says:

    “12 Monkeys” is the best show Syfy has ever offered, hoping it to be a phenomenal finale.

  4. x1a2leader says:

    hey admin.. please add the expanse .. Syfy has declined to renew the series to season 4
    so saddddd.. it stops at three.
    i hope netflix or others pick up lucifer and the expanse.

  5. Ashay Kulkarni says:

    Plz don’t cancel Quantico it is a good series

  6. reza_m47 says:

    just imagine if Netflix was to pickup Lucifer. even the thought makes me giggle

  7. Good People says:

    the crossing is bad, but i watch them now.. it’s intriguing if the air time shrink into 30 minutes per episode… i’m just saying..

  8. Asric says:

    I thought that The Expanse was cancelled also. They are shopping it around, but like Brooklyn Nine-9, it was cancelled. Sure, B99 is coming back on NBC, but that was some 11th hour dealings, and no contracts have been signed or anything yet…

  9. ikki says:

    Not the mick too :'(

  10. TONY STARK says:

    Why CW Arrow didnt get cancelled….show got worsened

    • Good People says:

      Some People just don’t watch the show at all, Like Me, brother

    • PSAdmin says:

      because it is part of a big universe of Arrowverse, that’s why there’s no reason to cancel that show. Arrowverse gonna have complication without it.

      • Dragoonstorm1 says:

        There IS a reason to end it, I mean they originally only set it up for a 5-year plot, remember the flashback format? but eh after that they just throw out logic and keep it pffft

  11. Dreamer says:

    is there any reason to watch tv now our favorite shows are all getting canceled one by one especially ash vs evil dead which was half an hour of fun should’ve continued forever there are tons of fucked up shows which are there since the beginning of time nobody watches them and they are there shamelessly and in the other hand shows which deserve to stay go canceled without any reason.

  12. MissTrisBliss says:

    Lucifer/Tom Ellis and Chloe gave me a *Reason* to LIVE ~~ weekly *and* yearly. I feel like slitting my throat now; but if I do, I won’t be around if/when They realize their Grave Error in judgment and recall this far-seeing show that is well beyond its time in maturity, transparency, and family value — or if it gets picked up by those with higher brain function and vision.

    The last two episodes were *groundbreaking* and SO deeply inundated with Key Threads intricately woven through it about the Nature & True Secret to Life, it may not be a Concept (Creation = Evolution = Quantum Physics ~ {see end of comment}) that the Bleating Masses of Sheep can grasp (yet) — but it should ~*200%*~ be something that is broadcast to them for *Precisely* that very reason — to Educate our imbecilic American & global public!!

    {Creation = Evolution = Quantum Physics ~ All three ‘theories’ are *Different SIDES* of the *SAME COIN*, people! All three ARE TRUE and DO NOT actually Conflict – in fact, *they Actually Fit Together like Pieces of a Puzzle to make SENSE* of the Deepest Riddles our civilization has always struggled to answer!}

    To say this was my “favorite show” simply does not even come *close* to doing it the respect, honor, and justice it deserves. Someone, please send this comment to someone who can bring back the show!!! I will try to hold off on leaving this plane of existence and attempt to cling to some shred of Hope that this Consciousness-Raising, Enlightening show will return ASAP ~~ and PLEASE, if you MUST end it, at least give us a final MOVIE with Real Closure and a Satisfying AND *HAPPY* Ending!!

    …& ideally, a way to potentially Restart it later!!

    • Red Hand Devil says:

      I’m pretty confident it will be picked up, Tris – it’s way too good a show for that not to happen.

      Just take it easy & think positively – everything will be sweet, regardless. Never worry about anything in life that might not happen – you’re just wasting your time & energies on an uncertain negative situation that may well have a very positive outcome.

      Take care & try not to stress so much. ‘Don’t worry be happy’ 🙂

      • RJ Neel says:

        Hopefully. I remember “Forever” too had a decent fan following but still got canceled. Expanse season
        3 has been a bit dull. I still feel 12 monkeys is the most underrated yet the best Syfy show out there even better than BSG.

        • Red Hand Devil says:

          Yeah, ‘Forever’ was a great show (loved it) – but it was it’s debut season though & renewal’s are more times than not, touch & go. That was a stupid decision though. ‘Lucifer’ has gone through 3 Seasons, so it’s a staple fans show & that’s shocking it got cancelled. Even more shocking with ‘Brooklyn-Nine-Nine’ – with it havin’ gone through 5 Seasons & at the top of it’s game (like ‘Lucifer’), aswell.

          I can’t understand why so many of these cancelled shows never get picked up – most are lost forever (pardon the pun). Is it a case of no-one wants to touch ‘Sloppy Seconds’, or some shit?!

          The most controversial/gut-wrenching cancellation for all Sci-Fi nuts, is ‘Firefly’ I’m not a Sc-Fi nut per se, but what a fantastic show that was (Guardians of the Galaxy-esque) & it only got 1 Season (14 eps). That’s those fuckers at Fox again.

          There was such an outcry about it being cancelled, but Universal made a great movie out of it (‘Serenity’) to appease the fans:

      • MissTrisBliss says:

        Thank you much, sir. Trying! (=

        I like your username… 😉

        • Red Hand Devil says:

          You’re very welcome & keep the chin up 🙂

          My username is a sporting combo. I think most folks have online usernames that mean something to them – that was always the ol’skool way, anyway 🙂

          Christ know’s what ‘PSAdmin’ is all about though – he doesn’t work here ffs lol

  13. Dragoonstorm1 says:

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D might get cancelled ;-; .<

    • Dragoonstorm1 says:

      oddly enough, this wasnt the whole comment that I typed lol. And it was cropped even while waiting for approval, didnt know how to delete xD

      Even Timeless is bound to get cancelled, unless someone else picks it up

      Both are not confirmed yet, and Timeless apparently had a cliffhanger ending (waiting for Webrip XP), but yeah, still. Very sad indeed.

    • Dragoonstorm1 says:

      This just in: AoS renewed for Season 6, but it’ll be only 13 eps long so prolly last and final renewal then.
      Why half sized? Guess that’s the real IW tie-in. SNAP? Perfectly balanced, as all things should– nooooooooooooooo
      welp, better than no AoS.

  14. Radiohead says:

    Thanks a lot for compiling this handy list. I guess adventure time, portlandia, the americans and halt and catch fire had run their magnificent courses but it’s a shame about deadpool, ash and mozert in the jungle.

  15. Red Hand Devil says:

    Cheers for this, fellas 🙂

    There’s alot of shows cancelled there & tbh – there’s only a large handful that interested me/that I watched anyway; but I know what it’s like to get engrossed in a show & then it’s gone, so condolences to Members who have any length of cancellations on that list. That’s a proper bummer 🙁

    Not on that list is ‘Lethal Weapon’ – but it may aswell have been cancelled after Clayne Crawford got fired & they’re bringing in that gobsh*te Seann William ‘Stifler’ Scott of ‘American Pie’ fame. Hollywood has a sh*tload of snowflakes (actors, producers, executives etc.) that have truly bit of their noses to spite their faces by demanding Clyne be fired because of “bad behaviour”. That show is heading straight for the sh*tter now. F*cking pussies!!

    Out of that list:

    ‘The Brave’ – Not a classic by any stretch, but I loved this low-budget show & other shows of this type. It 1st aired a day apart from the 1st episode of ‘Seal Team’ – so I was in my element. Was gutted to see it axed.

    ‘Deception’ – Have this downloaded (from here of course – where else?! 🙂 ), but have yet to watch it. It looks fun, but we’ll see.

    ‘Designated Survivor’ – Loved this show. Again, it’s not a classic, but the plot was a very unique one & I always looked forward to a new ep. Bummer it’s cancelled – just when next season looked to be based around a Presidential Election. Hopefully it’ll get picked up.

    ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ – Have both seasons downloaded from here, but have yet to watch any of it. It looks fun & more than a tad wacky. Right up my street 🙂

    ‘The Exorcist’ – Have only watched about 5/6 eps of Season 1 & in all honesty – it’s one helluva freaky show. They really left no stone unturned with the details – proper bad-ass Satan sh*t that f*cks with your head. Need to be in a particular mood to get stuck into this one – it’s hardcore evil subject matter & it’s brilliantly done. I’m gonna have to ‘Man the f*ck Up’ & stop being such a pussy 🙂

    ‘House of Cards’ – One of the best shows of all-time. Gutted it’s been axed; but Spacey royally f*cked up & it’s massive loss to all the show’s fans. Atleast we’re gettin another season out of it – but without Spacey. I really can’t see Season 6 being anything other than average to p*ss-poor without Spacey, tbh. N.B. Everyone knew by the look & manner of Spacey, that he was a proper sleazy creepy perv – so I really don’t understand all the “shock-horror” of what’s gone on with him & his antics.

    ‘The Looming Tower’ – Outstanding show – very interesting watch. The CIA really come off as a bunch of egotistical Rogue Agents & the ‘9/11 Commission’ findings, proved that beyond doubt. No real surprise there’s not gonna be Season 2 – because the show (Season 1) is based on Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book & the story has been fully completed from start to finish with those 10 episodes, anyway. Season 2 wouldn’t make any sense, whatsover – there’s nothing left to tell.

    ‘Lucifer’ – Another outstanding show (a lot of fun to watch) & an absolute brain-fart decision by Fox to cancel it – who are notorious for this kind of stupidity & screwing with fans’ deep affiliation to popular shows: Hopefully it’ll get picked up!

    ‘Quantico’ – Dragged my stupid sorry ass through Season 1, because I got sucked into this show from the 1st ep & I wanted to know (have closure, somewhat) who the conniving-treasonous bast*rds were – that was the only reason I watched this pathetically sh*t show of sh*ttness. This show really did my friggin head in, in the same vein as it did when I had to suffer ‘Greys Anatomy’ with an ex-Girlfriend. Pure mental torture those shows. I never watched Season 2 because of the severe head-f*ck. I suffered enough & job was done after Season 1. In fact, I’d rather chew a sh*tload of Wasps & wash them down with a pint of Donkey p*ss than watch Season 2. There’s not one unattractive actor/actress/extra in the whole of Season 1 either – it’s like they were all plucked from f*cking Modelling Agencies with bollox-all acting abilities or coaching. It reminded me of that other sh*t-show ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ – but on steroids! Yer main woman Priyanka Chopra can’t act for sh*t – she’s pure cringeworthy & all she does is pout/pose, tries to look pretty all the time & most of the lines from the other actors entails them havin’ to constantly tell her how pretty & badass she is, whenever she’s not telling them. Absolute joke of show & good bloody riddance!

    ‘Shades of Blue’ – Decent show with a boatload of flaws, imo. Massively drags it’s arse. Still an enjoyable watch, though. Have only watched Season 1 & one or two ep’s of Season 2 – so it could straighten itself out & have less irritations for me. That blonde, smug male FBI tw*t does my head in – he’s got such a punchable face. A face that looks like he’s just licked p*ss off a Nettle Bush – then went down on a Scorpion for a bet & is absolutely chuffed to f*ck about himself. Smug pr*ck!

    ‘Taken’ – Again, it’s in the “Not a classic by any stretch” category, but I found it very enjoyable & Jennifer Beals is such a sh*t-hot Milf. Bummer it’s gettin cancelled; but Season 2 nosedives compared to Season 1 for obvious reasons if you’ve watched this show & you’re up-to-date with it. Looks like they’ve really shot themselves in the foot by not sticking to what made Season 1 so entertaining. My guess is, their budget must have been seriously reduced when they made Season 2. Shame – really liked this show!

    ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ – This irritated the absolute sh*t out of me most of the time; but again, like Season 1 of ‘Quantico’ – I got sucked in with the desire to find out who the culprit was. Like Spacey with ‘House of Cards’ – this show got axed because of the smug as f*ck Jeremy Piven (who also has a very punchable face) & his fondness for the odd bit of sexual harassment – which he denies/denied; but again, like Spacey – he looks like a creepy, sleazy, smug, pervy w*nker & it’s no surprise to me that he’s been accused by multiple women of being a complete sexual deviant assh*le! Would have watched Season 2 though & anyone that’s watched Season 1, will know why!

    • Dragoonstorm1 says:

      Dirk Gently is brilliant.
      Based on the books by the author of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, but not direct adaptation, and done really really well actually.
      sigh I wish it wasn’t cancelled… Total wacky random fun is Douglas Adams’ style, and they captured that well.

      • Red Hand Devil says:

        Oh yeah – nice reminder, mate. I remember reading that when I was lookin’ into what all the hype was about, before I downloaded a taster ep. But after lookin’ into the show – I just decided to download the whole thing, because it looks class.

        Great they got as far as 2 Seasons, though – much better than just the one; but that’s obviously no consolation to your goodself. Proper bummer it’s cancelled – it’s highly regarded from what I can see & we need more of these wacky shows to push the boundaries.

        It’s bizarre that I haven’t gotten around to watchin’ it yet. Still though, i’ve 18 ep’s to proper binge on – including the countless other titles i’ve also accumulated for a binge, too 🙂

        • Dragoonstorm1 says:

          Yeah, plus I believe both seasons are tightly contained and are good on their own.
          And remember: nothing will make sense until the last episode of the season, because after all: Everything is connected 😉
          Enjoy your binge!

  16. mahatma41 says:

    first Ash vs Evil Dead and Now Lucifer both cancelled …………. I can’t believe that both of my favorite show are now cancelled 🙁

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